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Driving with damaged or worn tyres is an offence in the UK and you risk being fined, invalidating your car insurance policy and more importantly, endangering lives of other road users and pedestrians. Tyres fitted to a motor vehicle or trailer must be undamaged and be free from any defects, which might endanger the car or any person. This includes the minimum tread depth specified for the MOT as the minimum. Please read below for details.

We check that your tyres are correctly inflated to the vehicle manufacturers and the tyre manufacturer's recommended pressure.

Tyres must be:

  • Compatible with the types of tyres fitted to the other wheels on the car or van.
  • Not have any lumps, bulges or tears caused by separation or any failure of the structure.
  • Not have any cuts or tears in excess of 25mm or 10% of the sectional width of the tyre, whichever is the greater, and which is deep enough to reach the ply or cord.
  • Not to have any part of the ply or cord exposed.

A vehicle with any of these faults or with tyres of different nominal size or aspect ratio on the same axle is liable to fail the MOT test.

Spare Tyre

You do not have to carry a spare tyre and it does not have to comply with the legal requirements while it is in its stowed area. However, when fitted to the vehicle (for example, following a puncture) it must then comply with the law. The spare tyre is not tested in the MOT but the examiner may draw your attention to an unserviceable item.

See also Exhausts, Body Repairs and MOT Requirements.



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