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Exhausts & Car Parts

It is always advisable not to wait for your car to break down as having to call out recovery of a specialist is expensive and time consuming. We are specialists in all types of car and van exhaust systems as well as catalytic converters.

Your car's exhaust and body parts are designed to withstand general wear and tear from road usage but sometimes exhaust parts can corrode and exhaust systems stop working, leaving your car not roadworthy and in some cases committing a moving traffic offence.

Our garage will assess your exhaust system and apply the relevant exhaust repair or replacement to your vehicle keeping you informed of costs and tailoring the repair or replacement to your finances.

Exhausts for Cars and Vans Replaced

What We Offer

Kensington Continental Car Services offers competitive prices and good quality workmanship, so come and visit us today or call us for further details and prices.

The following are a few of the most popular exhaust services that we offer:

  • Free exhaust check
  • Exhaust built to customer specification
  • Stainless steel exhaust fitting
  • One year guarantee and in some cases 2 years depending on the exhaust system purchased

Do You Need A Car Part Replacing?

A small scrape can cause a big impact on your car's exterior or if you need a car part replacing then we can get it fixed quickly and at a competitive price.

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Remembering your MOT is coming up for renewable can be a problem. We have resolved this by texting our clients in advance of the MOT date. This is a free service.

Select the voucher below and print off your reduced price voucher. Present this when you bring your car along to us.

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Catalytic Converters