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Diagnostics The primary purpose of car diagnostic software is to provide the technician with accurate information to assist in the fault finding and troubleshooting process. Car manufacturers make the process of running a diagnostic check more practical by the provision of a standard On Board Diagnostics, (OBDII) computer interface.

At Kensington Continental Car Services we employ sophisticated OBD equipment and can interface the car’s computer system to carry out diagnostic checks. This saves us time and effort by pin pointing the fault accurately and in turn, saves you money.

How OBDII Works

All modern cars have an on board computer system that keeps it in check and highlights problems to the driver. This computer system constantly receives information from sensors in the engine and adjusts the system settings so the car can run smoothly. When a problem is detected the computer cannot fix itself so it triggers a warning to the driver. The technician can use the OBDII equipment to more accurately identify the issues and resolve the engine fault. The system also produces a code that can be used to help identify the area and nature of the problem.

With the right equipment running a car diagnostic is a straightforward process as many cars have an On Board Diagnostics computer interface. This interface allows for a technician to use one tool to identify problems on virtually all makes and models of cars. The computer scanner is inserted into the interface connector and once the car's model, vehicle identification number (VIN) and engine type is entered into the scanner the identify and diagnostic code can be accessed. It is this code that helps the technician to know where to look to find the problem.

No OBDII - What Then?

In the unlikely event of your car not having an OBDII system, or the fault lies outside of the detection range of the equipment, our technicians are highly experienced and employ their honed “detective” skills to track down the faults quickly and efficiently. Also bear in mind that we have a wealth of outside help available from the car manufacturers themselves to the vast knowledge base on the internet.

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